Thank you Zimfest 2010!

Thank you Zimfest 2010!

Caution and Renold Shonhai perform at Zimfest 2010

Just a short post to say thanks for another great year at the Zimbabwe Music Festival!   I’d like to thank all of the board members and volunteers who worked so hard to make our table at Zimfest possible in 2010.  Special thanks go to Maggie, Nan, Bobbie, and Catherine for their hard work, as well as to festival participants who took time out of their busy schedules to attend our slideshow and presentation on our work in Zimbabwe.  As always, Zimfest was a great place to reconnect with communities from around the US and Canada who support our work.  And to Alex, Jake, Michael, and all of the other young people who stepped up to make Zimfest happen this year: you rock!

Later this week, I will be writing with details about a new Tariro initiative to build links between our students in Zimbabwe and our supporters in the US through a letter exchange.  Please check back in a few days for details!


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