Tariro announces our Fall Fundraising Campaign

Tariro announces our Fall Fundraising Campaign

Your donations to Tariro support students like Rosa S., pictured above

Once again, it’s time for Tariro’s Fall Fundraising Campaign! In the coming weeks, we’re striving to raise the $40,000 necessary to maintain our programs in 2013. As a friend of Tariro, we want to update you on our progress in 2012, and to invite you to extend your support for our work in 2013!

Educating and empowering Zimbabwean girls

In our work, Tariro frequently encounters girls like Rosa S., pictured above.  After her father passed away, Rosa was forced to drop out of school due to her inability to pay her school fees. Instead, she began working as a maid and selling vegetables at a local market in order to support her mother, who was also ill. Already 18 years old when she joined Tariro earlier this year, Rosa was eager to return to school, yet she encountered significant difficulties in finding a school willing to take her. She was two years behind her peers, yet many schools have strict policies regarding age limits in each grade. Reflecting the intensive, personalized attention Tariro is able to give to individual students, our program coordinator, Tafadzwa “Fadzie” Muzhandu, spoke to ten school headmasters before finding one who was willing to take Rosa. As Fadzie observes, “Rosa’s story is not unique, but it reminds us of the many girls who fall through the cracks because of money, and sometimes when they get the money they are ‘too old’ to join the school system.”

Tariro needs your support!

Your support enables Tariro to sponsor students like Rosa, who would otherwise be unable to complete their high school education. This year, Tariro’s fundraising goal is $40,000. Of this amount, we need to raise $15,000 in donations in the next two months, in order to cover the cost of sponsoring our students during the first term of the Zimbabwean school year, which begins in January. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation in support of our work, enabling Tariro to continue educating and empowering Zimbabwean girls!

Jennifer Kyker, Executive Director


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