Thank you Boulder!

Thank you Boulder!

Kutandara performs at the 4th annual Tariro benefit in Boulder

I’m writing today to share a couple of photos with you from the wonderful benefit event held yesterday in Boulder, CO, on behalf of Tariro.  This event, hosted by the Kutandara Center, was the 4th annual Tariro benefit in Boulder.

Kutandara horn players rock it at the benefit!

With participation by a variety of musical ensembles, this event raised just over $2,000 in donations to support Tariro’s work.  I’m always especially happy to see youth participating to support our students in Zimbabwe, and this event was no exception, with several youth groups performing, including Vana Vedu, Shamwari, and Tamba.

Youth ensemble Tamba performs at the benefit

In addition to the money we raised, someone also walked up with a donation of fresh summer squash from the Boulder farmers’ market!  I’m hereby confiscating the squash for my own dinner… we’ll consider it an administrative cost for the organization!

Fresh produce from the Boulder farmers' market

Finally, we were very pleased to have two amazing Zimbabwean musicians, Tendai Muparutsa and Zivanai Masango, participate in the event as guest artists, performing on vocals and percussion.  For more photos from the event, please visit our Facebook page.

Interesting in hosting a benefit event in your community to support Tariro?  We can help by sending you a starter pack with materials including our brochure, mailing list sign-up form, donation forms, and a powerpoint presentation about our work.  Contact us and let us know!


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