Recognizing Tariro prize winners!

Recognizing Tariro prize winners!

Hello readers!  I’ve just received another monthly update from Tariro’s program coordinator, Fadzi.  I’m pleased to report that at least five Tariro students have recently been awarded prizes by their schools for their excellent academic work.  In today’s post, I’d like to highlight two of those students.

The first is Samantha M., pictured above.  Samantha, who lives in Glen Norah, has been sponsored by Tariro for several years now.  She attends Herentals, a private day school where she was transferred by Tariro during the severe educational disruptions prior to the presidential run-off elections in 2008.   This year, Samantha won a prize for placing first in her class, among a cohort of 40 students.  She is one of our best students and has maintained an A-/B+ average during this whole year.  She is also a dancer in the traditional dance and music ensemble, writes poetry and short stories, and attends every activity that Tariro offers!  We are proud to be sponsoring such a motivated and intelligent young woman.

Mitchelle M. (right, in white)

Second is Mitchelle M., who also participates in Tariro’s traditional music and dance group.  We first met Mitchelle when she was a primary student at Chembira School, where Tariro’s music and dance group rehearses.  Upon learning that she was in need of financial assistance to attend secondary school after completing grade 7 at Chembira, we encouraged her to apply for assistance from Tariro.  Mitchelle also attends Herentals, where she placed second in her class last term.  She is in the drama, dance, and athletics club at Herentals, and one of the best dancers in Tariro’s traditional dance group, having started participating in traditional dance while still a primary school student at Chembira.  I love watching her incredibly serious face as she executes amazing rhythmic footwork as a dancer.  Her dancing is truly on a level approaching that of dancers with professional companies.  In addition, Fadzi describes Mitchelle as one of Tariro’s most confident and outspoken students.

Thanks for reading, and taking the time to get to know our students.  Its almost time for Tariro’s annual fall fundraising campaign.  In my next post, I’ll be talking about what you can do to support our work.  Please stay tuned.


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