Tariro student profile: Pamela K.

Tariro student profile: Pamela K.

Tariro student Pamela K. is excelling in her Advanced Level studies

As we move into the second week of our fall fundraising campaign, I’d like to share a profile of one of Tariro’s most outstanding students, Pamela K.  In addition to demonstrating her outstanding ability to overcome the hardships of her life and move toward academic success, Pamela’s story also demonstrates some of the things I love about the way Tariro works.

Tariro makes a long-term commitment to girls

Tariro’s involvement with Pamela’s family dates back to 2004, when we enrolled Pamela’s older sister Pauline as one of Tariro’s first sponsored students.  With an incredible story of her own, Pauline was our first student to graduate from the University of Zimbabwe, where she finished her Bachelor’s degree last year.  We’ve sponsored Pamela since 2007, when she enrolled in her first year of high school.  Our commitment to girls like Pamela and Pauline enables our students to dream big, confident in the knowledge that we will continue to sponsor them to the highest level of their ability.  It also enables us to witness the transformative power of an education, as students like Pamela learn, grow, and mature into empowered and educated women.

Tariro is making a difference for Zimbabwe’s most vulnerable girls

Pamela and Pauline lost their mother in 2000, and their father had long been absent, as a migrant worker trying to make ends meet in Harare.  After their mother’s death, Pauline moved to town to complete her Advanced Level studies, while Pamela remained in the family’s rural home in Mhondoro, living in a child-headed household with a brother who was then 16 years old. After her brother left to find work in South Africa, Pamela was left to fend for herself in Mhondoro.  Given Pamela’s situation, Tariro worked to transfer her to a school in Harare, where she was able to stay with her uncle, who was also housing Pauline.  After a short time, however, the girls’ uncle found himself unable to care for both of them, and kicked them out of his house.  As Pauline and her sister moved from relative to relative, Pamela found herself unable to attend school regularly, yet showed exceptional academic promise.

Tariro’s personalized approach to education enables girls to succeed!

After being recommended for a boarding school placement by Tariro staff, Pamela was transferred to the UMMA Institute, a boarding school located roughly an hour from Harare, in the town of Marondera.  After passing her Ordinary Level exams with high marks, Pamela chose to study Geography, Accounts and Management of Business for her Advanced Level study.  She plans to follow in her sisters footsteps and attend university, and dreams of becoming a social worker.

Join us in our work!

As girls like Pamela and Pauline struggle to finish a high school education, Tariro’s educational sponsorship program means the difference between life of poverty and hardship, and a future filled with hope.  By focusing on education, we give girls the tools to succeed.  But we can’t do it without your help!  Your donations to our fall fundraising campaign will go toward paying schools fees, required uniforms, supplies, and other educational expenses for Pamela, and all of the students we sponsor.  Please donate now, and help ensure that Tariro’s work with students like Pamela can continue in 2012.


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