Student profile: Nicole M.

Student profile: Nicole M.

Nicole M. at Highfield High 1

In this week’s first post, I’m giving you another short profile of one of our newly enrolled students, Nicole M.   A student at Highfield High 1, Nicole is a double orphan, having lost both of her parents.  She currently lives with her grandmother and six other relatives in a small home in the Highfield neighborhood.  Nicole’s favorite subjects are math and accounting, and after finishing high school, her career goals are to study to be an accountant.  Her grandmother, who does not work, has often been unable to pay for her to attend school, and she often missed class as a result.  Because of her extremely vulnerable status as a double orphan, and her lack of regular attendance at school due to financial problems, Nicole was selected by her senior women as a high priority student for enrollment in Tariro.


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