Politeness N. goes to university!

Politeness N. goes to university!


Politeness N. is one of the three Tariro students entering university

For the three Tariro students who have been accepted at the University of Zimbabwe, the excitement of beginning a new, and long dreamed of adventure is fast approaching. While the school year begins in January for most of Tariro’s students, Zimbabwe’s university calendar runs on a semester system, beginning in September. Your help is critical in enabling us to cover the tuition costs for our wonderful, university-bound students, including Politeness N.


Among our university bound students, Politeness N. stands out for her incredible level of dedication and achievement. As our program coordinator Fadzie relates:

Politeness is very committed to giving back and has been a mentor to younger Tariro students. She is our strongest role model, and her positive attitude is very encouraging. Politeness is currently teaching Accounting at a local school, and has already started saving for college expenses. She is assertive, and her strong leadership qualities led to her being selected the school headgirl.

As an A Level student, Politeness attending the UMMA Institute, a boarding school in Marondera. As Fadzie observes:

Through Tariro funding, she attended boarding school, where most of the children came from “middle-class” families. She did not have many sets of uniforms, or extra food like other students. Yet she was not distracted by many of the challenges she faced. Politeness also received a partial scholarship from UMMA. This was the first and only scholarship UMMA has ever given to a student.

Politeness plans to attend the University of Zimbabwe, where she intends to study accounting or business studies.

As we approach the first day of university, we need your help to raise the donations necessary to pay the tuition for Politeness and her peers! Your donations to Tariro will make a huge difference in the lives of these three students, who have struggled against all odds to rise to the level of a university degree.
And once again, I will leave you with photos of Politeness throughout her years with Tariro.

Tariro student Politeness N (right) in 2008, with Tatenda C. (middle) and Pamela K (left)

Tariro student Politeness N (right) in 2008, with Tatenda C. (middle) and Pamela K (left)

Tariro student Politeness N. in 2008

Tariro student Politeness N. in 2009

Politeness today!

Politeness today!


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