Music from Tariro students… now on FB!

Music from Tariro students… now on FB!

The cover shot for Tariro’s album, “Maungira EZimbabwe”

Did you know Tariro offers an album featuring music performed by our students, alongside their music teachers and friends?  The album, “Maungira EZimbabwe,” or “Echoes from Zimbabwe,” offers a selection of various musical instruments and genres, extending from up-tempo marimba performances by our students to meditative acoustic guitar pieces performed by renowned musician Tute Chigamba.  In addition, the album offers recordings of many musical styles that are difficult to find, and under-represented on most collections of Zimbabwean music, including the chipendani mouthbow, as well as drumming, singing, and dance genres such as mbakumba.

Tute Chigamba plays the chipendani mouthbow for an audience of Tariro students

Speaking as Tariro’s director, my favorite track on the album is an extended solo performance of on the mbira dzavadzimu by Paradzai Gore, the first mbira player to join legendary Zimbabwean musician Thomas Mapfumo.

Our album is available on CDBaby, and now, it is also linked directly to our Facebook page!  Visit either page to hear samples from the album’s tracks, and help us share the news with friends.  Buying “Maungira EZimbabwe” is a great way to experience new sounds from Zimbabwe, as well as supporting our students’ efforts to contribute to their own educations by performing with our music and dance ensemble.  Thanks again for your support!


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  1. Maya says:

    What a wonderful job you are doing well done.

  2. tarirohope says:

    Thank you Maya!

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