Looking at Vimbai C.’s Hero Story

Looking at Vimbai C.’s Hero Story

In this week’s post, Tariro intern Megan Bauer introduces another story from the Hero Books, a project initiated by art therapist Lauri Benblatt during last year’s empowerment camp.

Looking at her life:

In Vimbai’s story she states that her grandmother is her Hero because of how much she has done for her.

A hero in my life is dedicated to my grandmother because she do a lot of work when I was too young till now I am fourteen years. She found food for me and while I was sick found me medicine.

Typical of the many incredible grandmothers supporting orphaned and vulnerable children throughout Zimbabwe, Vimbai’s grandmother worked to support her granddaughter until she was no longer able to do so:

My grandmother supported me from when I was 2 years old till I am 14. She manage to pay my school fees from grade on to seven but she [couldn’t] in 2009 when I go to form one. She doesn’t work anymore so I stay home without going to school for a whole year and 2 months. Then I was taken to Tariro and they start paying my school fees and now I am happy because I’m going to school.

Hoping for the future:

Vimbai has not had an easy life, yet even through these trials Vimbai has remained hopeful. She says in her story that school is what truly makes her happy. She has aspirations to stay in school all the way through University:

As everyone has got a dream and on my own I have got my dream and when I complete my ordinary level I wish to pass all of my subjects and would like to go on to A level. There I would like to pass all of what I will do and would like to go to University. There I want to study much and when I grow up I would like to become an accountant. I would like to be a bank teller. I wish to have a  nice job and to be happy in my life.

Looking past the numbers, and at each girl as an individual:

Vimbai’s story, like all of the hero books, remind us that every girl has her own goals that she wants to achieve in life.  Every single girl in the Tariro organization has a different idea for their future.  Just as Vimbai said at the end of her book, “As people [have] hopes and dreams and others dream big and others dream small according to their wishes or according to their hopes and dreams.”

The educational support Tariro provides for orphaned and vulnerable girls in Zimbabwe helps girls like Vimbai dream big, and work toward realizing those dreams.  Without Tariro’s support, students like Vimbai wouldn’t have the chance to continue in school.  However, it is only through school that Vimbai will have the opportunity to pursue her goal of becoming an accountant and doing something greater with her life.

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