Meet our Intern Social Worker

Meet our Intern Social Worker


In our efforts to improve our psycho-social programming we decided to engage an Intern  Social Worker  and in that regard we have engaged Brenda Panganayi a third year Bachelor of Science Honors degree in Social work student at the University of Zimbabwe.

Brenda joined Tariro, late January and will be in charge of our psycho-social thrust up to the end of December 2017. Her duties will   include but not limited to: Individual and group counseling for selected beneficiaries and families, as needed; Case management for identified students; Home and school visits; Liaise and advocate for student and parents on issues of social welfare and psycho-social support; Contribute social media materials (blog posts, Facebook posts, twitter posts) related to the social welfare of our beneficiaries and the psycho-social support Tariro provides for our beneficiaries; Attend related conferences and seminars ; assist in grant writing where the intern will work closely with the Executive Coordinator, with special emphasis on grants supporting Tariro’s psycho-social support for beneficiaries ; participate in community collaborative and/or meetings ; initiate localised awareness campaigns on different issues affecting the girl child  ; participate in beneficiaries’ monthly meetings and conducting/facilitating monthly extra-curricular activities.

Brenda Panganayi is 22 and she is the first born child in a family of 3. She grew up in Gokwe, a small farming town in the Midlands province where she attended primary school at CZM Primary School. For her secondary and high school education she attended a Catholic School run school, Shungu High School in Kwekwe. She was an integral member of the school debate club, a club that won many accolades. She was also a student leader.  Brenda did exceptionally well in her Ordinary and Advanced Level Examinations and this saw her enrolling at the University of Zimbabwe School of Social work.

Brenda grew up in an area where poverty is the order of the day, child marriages are rampant and dropping out of school has become a norm rather than a taboo. As a result of this background the interest to help the disadvantaged in society, in particular girls has grown. Being part of the Tariro family is indeed a dream come true for her as she hopes to turn her passion into action and bring a change to the lives of girls we support. She believes that, ‘what men can do women can do better’.

In her spare time, Brenda enjoys sight-seeing, taking nature walks and playing volleyball. We wish her all the best.


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  1. Nelly says:

    Gooday Tariro,

    I trust this mail finds you well.

    I need some advise on how to assist my sisters kids who are under privileged, I have been trying to assist where I can but things are not so well for me of late. Their mother stroked last year January. Please do help me as I would love them to go to school. Your help will be much appreciated.



  2. tarirohope says:

    Hi Nelly

    Thanks for contacting us . You can phone our Coordinator on +263 8644114089 (Office) or on his cell + 263 772 851126 (Home) or visit us at our offices at 274 Herbert Chitepo st so we can discuss your issue .

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