Introducing Ashley B.’s Hero Story

Introducing Ashley B.’s Hero Story

Dedicating the story:

While Tariro is a non-religious based organization and works with girls of many different beliefs, many of the students have found support through their individual practices, such as Christian Protestantism. In Ashley B.’s story her faith is shown very clearly, as it is with many other girls who write about their beliefs.  Ashley decided to dedicate her Hero Story to Jesus Christ. She believes without him she wouldn’t have had the fortune of all the blessings in her life.

My hero is my Lord because he gave me my mother who takes care of me, my grandparents, trees which provide oxygen for my life and also Tariro organization. Thank you Lord.

Venturing to the past:

Ashley discusses in her story the hardships she has faced.

Going to school without school uniform and October 27, 2000 when I was 8 was the day that my father passed away.

Making progress for the future:

I am now in form four. I live with my ninez in Mhondoro. I always study my books in order to pass. My favorite subjects are Mathematics, Science, and English because I dream to be a nurse.

Hoping for the future:

This picture refers to my wedding day. May people come to celebrate my wedding day.

Continuing with blog posts:

Thank you for reading a story from one of the girls once again. It is amazing to me to see the themes within each story that really come out to show how the girls are similar but also different.

However even though I see commonalities between the girls when reading the stories I also see each girl as a unique individual that I am getting to know better through their personal story, just as I hope you are as well.


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