Girl child support -Necrisha R.supports Tariro .

Girl child support -Necrisha R.supports Tariro .

wp_20160408_010Many Zimbabwean students are forced to drop out of school or have irregular school attendances because their families can no longer afford tuition and associated educational costs. The girl child is more at the receiving end. This is one issue Necrish Roach wanted to see change. Necrisha came to Zimbabwe in April 2016 as part of a global health elective offered by her home institution-the Ohio State University College of Medicine.  This course is offered to medical students during their final year of medical school and it allows them to have a clinical experience that is different from what they would normally experience back in the United States of America.

During her time working in the health care system in Harare, she had the opportunity to have a first-hand look at the many challenges faced by local doctors and patients alike. In addition, she also had the chance to work with Tariro Trust –Hope and Health for Zimbabwe Orphans. Necrisha developed an interest in Tariro Trust after going through our face book page and web page and Tariro Trust was a major influence in her decision in doing her attachment here in Zimbabwe.

Necrisha travelled to the high density suburb of Glen Norah where she spent the day working with the girls and learning more about the aims and goals of the organisation. The time spent in Glen Norah brought to her the grim reality faced by many of Zimbabwe’s young women.

Many of the young ladies she met are orphaned because of HIV and currently live with extended families or in a single parent household. The economic meltdown in Zimbabwe has made it even worse.  As a result, the costs associated with getting an education are often too much for the family to bear forcing them to drop out of school. These young girls then rely on the financial support of Tariro and its donors to cover school fees, school supplies and transportation costs.

Despite the rains that pounded Harare that day , and a demanding work schedule , Necrisha    spent the day with the girls, delivered a health talk and she donated USD300 . Prior to traveling to Zimbabwe, Necrisha with the help of her friends, was able to raise funds to help cover the cost of school supplies for 30 Tariro students for one academic year.

The Tariro Hope visit became a turning point for both Necrisha and the young girls she met during her visit. She was humbled by the experience.  The girls were moved that a young American doctor came all the way from America to not only visit them ,  but her and her friends were willing to make a financial investment in their futures by covering the cost of school supplies. Recognizing that the donation for school supplies was greatly appreciated, it was evident that there was still a great need among the students. To that end, Necrisha decided to cover the tuition for the next three years for one of Tariro’s beneficiaries Florence M. enrolled at Harare Polytechnic (a local tertiary institution) where she is pursuing her studies in Transport and Logistics.

Necrisha believes in the adage “by educating a girl you have educated the nation” and she implores other women and girls who have made it in life to donate towards sending underprivileged girls to school.  The Tariro girls treated Necrisha to some beautiful music and cultural dance routines and she was impressed by the performance. Necrisha encouraged the girls to, to despite them coming from under privileged backgrounds to also help those less fortunate than them. She also encouraged the girls to work hard and excel in their studies and this she said was the best way of repaying those who assist them. She said it was also important for the girls to desist from premarital sex and to value their sexual and reproductive health.

 On behalf of Tariro we would like to thank Necrisha and her prayer group for the donation and Necrisha for taking on board one of our beneficiaries’ and to thank her for taking her time from her busy schedule to spend the day with the girls .This will definitely make a huge and significant difference in the lives of the girls.
Education is what brings a community, or rather a country forward, and for the current situation in Zimbabwe.  Necrisha has been a part of the solution and we all can be a part of that solution by donating towards Tariro’s cause.


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