Continuing the Hero Stories

Continuing the Hero Stories

Sharing the story of Deonicia Zono:

Her story begins when she was born in 1993. She was the last born child in her family. Unfortunately she lost her mother in 1997 to HIV and her father left the children in 1998. After losing both of her parents Deonicia began living with her aunt, which is who she dedicated her Hero book to.

I dedicated [my book] to my aunt because she has been [there for me] since I was young and my mother died. She loved me as her only daughter. She always corrects me when I am wrong and she is kind.

Revealing Deonicia’s life:

Deconicia hasn’t had to deal with the memory of seeing her parents die, but with another type of pain.

The past sad memories are I don’t even remember my parents faces. It’s really hurtful because I didn’t grow up with them.

Looking at her past and present schooling:

Unfortunately because Deconicia only had her aunt to support her she wasn’t always able to go to school.

When I was still at primary school sometimes I didn’t go to school because of the school fees.

Now in the present Deconicia is doing much better.

Since God [gave me the gift of] Tariro Org my life just change from that day. I was able to go to school without any worry that I would be sent away.

Looking into the future:

Deonicia hopes to become a flight attendant or model when she grows up and is also interested in continuing to play Marimba.

When I grow up I want to be an air hostess or a model. I really believe that one day I will achieve my goals. I also want to be an Marimba player. After I achieve my goals I would like to get married and have two kids.

Thank you:

Once again thank you for taking interest in these girls lives and reading about their stories. I am going to continue posting Hero stories every once in a while so the readers can get to know who they are supporting. It is hard to draw a connection to the girls because they are so far away, but it is important to do so because each one has their own story and background that is important for each of us to know.


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