We’re almost there!

We’re almost there!


In recent days, many of you have responded to our urgent call for donations, and we have raised over $1,200 toward covering the costs of the final term of the Zimbabwean school year. This takes us partway toward our urgent need of $6,000, but we’re not quite there yet.

Here’s how your donations will help Tariro educate girls in some of Zimbabwe’s most vulnerable communities.

University students: We need $2,745!

As I mentioned in my last post, part of our increased need for financial support comes from the extraordinary success of our three new university students. Yet attending university in Zimbabwe is still an incredible bargain when compared to the rising cost of a university education in the United States. For full tuition, room, and board, our students require only $915 each per semester. This means that for this entire semester, Tariro needs a total of only $2,745 for our three students combined! It is a modest sum, but we can’t do it without your assistance.

High school students and exam fees: We need $1,557!

Yet most of our funds are still going directly toward our high school students. We’ve covered the cost of new uniforms and supplies, but we haven’t yet raised enough for our total operating costs. This term alone, we’re paying $7,900 to cover school fees for our nearly sixty high school students. In addition, we urgently need $1,557 for our students who are writing their Ordinary and Advanced Level exams, which determine whether they will be able to proceed to the next level of academic study.

Can you help?

We’re almost there! Please help us raise the $4,800 left for Tariro to fully cover our program costs and staff salaries this term! For our students, the opportunity to complete their education is an incredible privilege, and true to their nature, they are making the most of it by succeeding beyond our expectations. Join us in supporting them as they work toward their dreams.


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