Introducing Tariro’s New Intern

Introducing Tariro’s New Intern

Megan Bauer - sitting on a staircase at the University of Oregon.

Hello everybody! My name is Megan Bauer and I am just starting as the new communications intern for Tariro.

Deciding to work for Tariro:

Originally when I started looking for internships I didn’t know what kind of work I wanted to do exactly, but I knew that I wanted to do something that helps others. It has always been important to me that when I graduate the work I do makes a difference in other peoples lives and actually improves their lives, and I felt like I could accomplish both of these with Tariro.

At first when I began applying for internships there were three nonprofits that I looked into, all of which are great organizations, but something stuck out to me about Tariro. It is amazing that Tariro is not just making a difference in girls lives temporarily, but for years to come. This organization is helping to stop a vicious cycle of disease by keeping young girls in school. These girls who couldn’t have otherwise afforded to go to school because they lost a parent/parents to HIV/AIDS have now been given a new opportunity to further their education to prevent them from being exposed to the same fate.

I chose Tariro because I know that the work I am doing will be contributing to something greater than myself. The growing HIV/AIDS problem has left many people suffering, but through Tariro this problem is becoming a little smaller with each girl that goes to school.

I am very excited to be doing communications for Tariro and hope that the work I’m doing will in some way make the lives of others greater.

Learning about Megan:

I am currently a sophomore at the University of Oregon and am double majoring in Public Relations and Advertising. I chose these two majors because the type of work they involve fits perfectly with who I am. I originally began with Public Relations and decided to add the advertising major to broaden my skills.

The reason why the Public Relations major suits me so well is because I truly love working with people. I have been a people person my entire life and that is what motivates me. Communication has always been very important to me and helping people to receive messages that they otherwise wouldn’t have is a goal of mine. I hope that through this internship I can help get Tariro’s message out to more people so that they can contribute to or know about this great cause.

Working to educate young women:

Every person that works for Tariro has their own stake in what the organization is trying to accomplish. Being a communications intern I will be working on a few different tasks. I am going to update the blog every Monday with new information about women’s health, women’s education, or events that are taking place. I am really excited to find information on these topics and begin sharing them with the blog readers.

I’m also trying to reach out to more people on the facebook page. My goal is to get more people aware about Tariro and then try and get more people involved in this great cause. Besides the facebook page I will also be updating the twitter a couple times a week with interesting articles related to women’s health and education. Eventually I would like to take some footage Jennifer has from her trips to Zimbabwe and create a video to represent the organization.

Through all of this I am very excited to begin my work with Tariro and for you, the readers, to come and find interesting and informational reading on the blog.


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  1. Tessa says:

    Yay! Tariro is amazing. Welcome!

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