Tariro Annual Report 2017

Tariro Annual Report 2017

Dear friends,

I am honoured to once again present Tariro’s Annual Report to you. This year has been full of achievements for our students and the Tariro program as a whole.

Thanks to the excellent leadership of our Executive Coordinator in Zimbabwe, Simbarashe Kanyimo, the Tariro program has been able to:

  • Significantly increase funding and in-kind donations from sources within Zimbabwe, showing the community support for our program
  • Pursue new grant opportunities, including one that we hope will create an income source for the program and our families through poultry farming
  • Establish a social worker as a permanent part of the Tariro team, significantly increasing the psychosocial support we can offer our students
  • An increase in school and home visits, allowing Tariro to provide more focused support for our students’ academic needs
  • Grow the performance opportunities for our music and dance ensemble, including at two weddings

On the US side, we are grateful for the continued support from grant organizations that have supported us for many years, faithful volunteers, and the many marimba and mbira musical ensembles who host benefit concerts for Tariro every year.

Behind the scenes, I am especially proud of our new website, especially the beautiful new pictures showing our students involved with the Tariro program. One new feature on the website is “Fundraising Resources”, which our supporters can access to download Tariro brochures and background material for your own fundraisers to support Tariro. Another administrative change is a new platform for online donations – accessible from our website www.tariro.org – which lowers the transaction fees. That means more of your donation goes directly to supporting our students achieve their dreams of finishing their education and breaking free of the cycle of poverty and hardship they were born into!

Please click here to view the full report. Thank you for your continued support for Tariro! You are changing the future, one girl at a time.


Elizabeth Davis

President, Board of Directors


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