An update on Tariro student Noleen C.

An update on Tariro student Noleen C.

Tariro student Noleen C.

Many of Tariro’s supporters will remember Noleen C., who was born with spina bifida, and uses a wheelchair.  Last year, Tariro raised over a thousand dollars to cover Noleen’s hospital expenses during a medical emergency.  In discussions with Noleen’s mother, Tariro learned that her ongoing medical issues were in part related to the low level of care she was experiencing at school.  In response, we made a commitment to transfer her to one of Zimbabwe’s best facilities for students with disabilities, the St. Giles school.

Tariro’s program coordinator, Fadzi, has recently sent us an update, letting us know that Noleen indeed changed schools at the beginning of this year, becoming a boarder at St. Giles.  She seems to be doing much better at St. Giles, which offers ongoing physio-therapy, and has medical staff readily available for students.  Based on the intake assessment done at St. Giles, Noleen is repeating a grade, which we hope will enable her to progress academically as well as physically in her new environment.  While St. Giles is almost twice the cost of Noleen’s old school, Tariro is committed to accommodating the special needs of this incredible young woman.

Tariro’s ability to offer personalized assistance to individual students with special needs is one of the things I love most about our work.  As we continue to sponsor the same student over many years, we have the unique opportunity to see the positive impact our work is having on an individual level.  We’ll offer another update on Noleen’s progress later this year.  And as always, we welcome donations toward helping us cover the costs of Noleen’s education!   You can make a one-time donation, or sign up as a monthly donor, through JustGive.  Thanks again for your support of this student with special needs!


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  1. trust mutekwa says:

    I know the child but I did not know about this NOBLE Tariro background.
    I work with children with visual impairments in class and the rest of the school in various arts intiatives.
    Norleen is one of my mbira and marimba students who is also an actor and an active participant in our drawing and painting exercises.
    Soon she is going to be a participant in a new initiative for children with interests in crafts and fabric designs- batik & tie&dye.
    The programmes at our school also give us hope.

  2. tarirohope says:

    Thank you Trust, it is wonderful to hear from arts luminaries like you. You are also doing an awesome job. Hope our sustained efforts will create a better tomorrow for all the disadvantaged children.

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