New student profile: Jane J.

New student profile: Jane J.

Jane J. is one of Tariro's most gifted students

In today’s post, I’m featuring another of Tariro’s newly enrolled students at Highfield High 1.  Jane J. is 16 years old and lives with her grandmother and one other sibling.  Jane is an excellent student with an A- average, and would like to be lawyer when she finishes school.  She is passing all her subjects, despite having been absent from school for extended periods due to lack of money to pay school fees.  Jane ranks among the top 5 students in her class, and is also a member of the school athletics team.  One of the most gifted students currently in Tariro, our program coordinator Fadzi reports, “With proper guidance and support,  Jane will achieve her intended career goals.”  Thanks to your support of Tariro’s work with young women and girls, Jane is getting the chance to realize her dreams.

I’m also happy to report that Noleen is in stable condition and is currently at home with her family, awaiting surgery.  I will write with a full update on her situation this Wednesday, after I have the chance to check in with Fadzi for more details.


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