Fall Fundraising Campaign 2015

Fall Fundraising Campaign 2015

 Dear Friends –

It’s hard to believe how far we have come. Whether you have been supporting Tariro for years or are a new supporter, your donations make a life-changing difference to Tariro’s students. Our girls are now making it into university and excelling in ways we never imagined! With Zimbabwean news suggesting an increase in the number of students unable to pay their school fees, your donations continue to help our girls both with grade level fees and with their university fees. Your help makes a radical difference to their future.

Pamela’s story – From high school to university with Tariro!

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Pamela is the younger sister of our first-ever university student, Pauline. After the loss of her mother in 2000 and the expenses her father incurred raising her older siblings, Pamela struggled finding a permanent home and going to school. Tariro was able to help Pamela get into a boarding school where she did not have to worry about a roof over her head and was able to pass all her Ordinary Level exams.

Today, Pamela attends Harare Polytechnic College and is majoring in Urban Planning. She doesn’t have to worry about tuition payment because your donations make it possible for Tariro to cover her costs. She has a work-study trade, where she receives a small stipend as Tariro’s Librarian. It is young women like Pamela who inspire us to continue what we are doing.

Help us educate other girls like Pamela!

As the new school year begins in Zimbabwe, I encourage you to contribute to Tariro’s work with students like Pamela. While we need to raise a large sum– about $10,000 – even a small gift has a major impact:

  • $30 will provide a student with school supplies (pens, paper, and sanitary ware) for the year.
  • $80 will provide a student with a new uniform, including shoes, socks, pants/skirt, shirt and tie.
  • $100 will cover the annual cost for a student to participate in Tariro’s music and dance ensemble.
  • $150 will enable a student to write her Ordinary or Advanced Level exams, which are required for further study
  • $300 will cover the annual school fees for one secondary student
  • $900 will pay for one semester for one student at university.

You can donate to Tariro online through our Fall Fundraising Campaign site  or via our website.  You can also mail your donations directly to PO Box 50273, Eugene, OR, 97405. Thank you once again for your support and don’t forget to stay updated with all of Tariro’s endeavors and like Tariro on Facebook!

Without your assistance, it is unlikely our girls would complete their basic and high school education – much less go to university! Your donation is the difference between a life of poverty and hardship and a future filled with hope. Your gift means everything. The students attending university with Tariro’s help are now role models to our high school students. As one of these current university students, Pamela could not have made it without you – WE THANK YOU.


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