Continuing with Heroes Stories

Continuing with Heroes Stories

Coming back to the heroes stories:

If you started reading the blog after this last October then you may have missed out on the introduction to the Heroes stories. This last August a therapist named Lauri Benblatt traveled to visit our Tariro girls. At the annual empowerment camp Lauri introduced the idea of the Heroes books. These books were written by each girl to use during group counseling sessions. These books show the reader the world these girls have been in and the obstacles they had to overcome. Some parts are hard to read because the tragedy is so great, but there is something hopeful each girl has found in their hero.

Today I would like to discuss the story of one girl with you.

Introducing Natalie S.’s Hero Story:

Natatlie’s past has been a difficult one and there are many obstacles she has faced, however when Natalie had no place to live her grandparents took her in.

I am a 16 year old student in college. I’m in form 4 class. I live in Glen Norah A with my grandmother, grandfather and my aunties and their children.

Natalie’s grandparents took her in because when she was born her mother was still in school and her father wanted to have her aborted. Even though her grandparents didn’t have very much money they worked hard to send her to school.

When I started my primary education my grandparents had the burden to send me to school, buy my school attire, pay school fees and other things needed at school. My life was difficult because sometimes I went to school without complete uniform e.g. proper shoes for the school, a shorter uniform or even without socks. Sometimes I was sent home and not allowed to attend lessons because my fees was not paid.

Natalie’s grandparents tried very hard to send her to school. They sacrificed buying things for themselves in order to pay for Natalie and she finished primary school. After attending primary school Natalie went on to Highfield High then Great Stride College. Natalie describes her life as a student with Tariro:

My life is now better because Tariro is there for me now to pay my fees, give me pads, exercise books, jersey pens, pencils, and school uniform and bags. I thank Tariro for everything they are doing in my life because if it was not for them it could be hard on me and my grandmother to send me to school, pay all the fees, buy my school uniform and other things required.

With Tariro’s help Natalie wants to achieve her hopes and dreams:

Natalie, and her future husband and child.

Natalie's dream family.

After I finish my education I hope to become an Accountant. I always try my best to pass my “O” Level studies because without them I will not do anything. If I pass, have a diploma and have a job and earn better I hope to help other girls who need help like money for school fees, uniforms and other things that I can be able to do for them.

I hope one day I will be able to have a big family, a nice house and a car and be happy in my life.

How Natalie describes her ideal husband.

A drawing of her dream car.

Natalie has many aspirations in life and with Tariro she was able to finish secondary school and go onto college.

Thanks for reading:

If you’re interested in the other Heroes Stories or you would like to read them again I have them linked below to each girl. Thank you for reading Natalie’s story. It is not just important for our readers to know statistics and learn about the education system in Zimbabwe, but also to know the lives of the girls we’re supporting.

Faith P.


Daphine S.

Ashley M.


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  1. Kenny says:

    Thank u for giving hope to these children, i wish them all the successin llife, hw can one help in such an endeavour. I have been particularly touched because i was once a teacher to natalie.

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