Celebrating Tariro’s 2009 graduates!

Celebrating Tariro’s 2009 graduates!

Cousins Daphine and Lillian both recently finished Form 6

In this post, I would like to recognize the Tariro students who achieved the milestones of finishing their Ordinary and Advanced level studies in 2009.  Students who finished Form 4 in 2009 wrote their Ordinary, or “O” level exams, which represents a basic high school education.  Students who had previously passed their “O” levels with high marks went on to write their  Advanced, or “A” level exams, representing a college preparatory level of studies.  In 2009, Tariro is proud to recognize over a dozen students who completed one of these markers of academic achievement.

Dancer Cynthia finished her Form 4 studies in 2009

Ten Tariro students completed their Form 4 studies in 2009.  These students include Cynthia and Dion, two talented young members of our traditional music and dance group.

In addition to Dion and Cynthia, eight other students finished Form 4 and wrote their “O” level exams in 2009.  These students include Pamela, Lebo, Vimbikai, Stacey, Scholastica, a pair of sisters named Beula and Beauty, and one of the founding members of our embroidery club, Elizabeth.

We are waiting with anticipation to hear whether any of these students’ “O” level exam results are high enough to enable them to proceed to their “A”, or Advanced level studies, in 2010.

"A graduate" - drawing by Tatenda C.

In addition, Tariro is extremely proud to have sponsored three students who finished Form 6 in 2009.

These advanced, college preparatory level classes culminate in the “A” or Advanced level exams, and we are very hopeful that these three high-achieving students will pass their exams, positioning them to enter college or the working world.

In 2009, Tariro’s Form 6 students were Kudzai, Tatenda, and Daphine.  Tariro also assisted Daphine’s cousin, Lillian, secure private sponsorship for her “A” level studies.

We can’t be any prouder of these exceptional young women, who are realizing their dreams through Tariro.

At Tariro, we are passionate about educating girls – the mothers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and leaders of tomorrow.  Your support of our work is critical in enabling us to continue to educate and empower young women in Zimbabwe.  Thank you for all you do for Zimbabwean girls!!


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  1. Tessa says:

    Congratulations to all these beautiful young ladies, and to you, Jennifer, you are doing such important work in the world!
    We are still hoping to have a fundraiser for Tariro in 2010. I would love a fundraising packet when you get the chance.
    Much love,

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